Obamanomics Plan
Usher in the fall of America!
Class Warfare is the key!
Re-election Plan - Key 1 - Target young women to believe they are victims.  They are blinded by their desire for free birth control and abortions. We will stand with them and them there is a war against them.
One apsect of the Obamanomics Plan..... motivate young single women to cast their vote for him by promoting he is for free birth control and government paid abortions!  Convince them that those issues are more important than creating jobs, protecting the nation, and blame anyone who disagrees with his policies of being racist, a greedy capitalist or claim they are waging a war on women!  It is not hard to do when Single Young Woman of The Early 2010's have the mindset depicted below.

It goes something like this:
The champion of these young women's sporting ideology has made a blank promise to them that he is for their cause knowing he will NEVER politically be able to deliver it nor will even spend the political capital to fight for it.  In turn these young women will exchange their future ability to work and get well paying employment, be protected from terrorist attacks like happend at the US Embassy on September 11, 2012 to have their perceived champion of free birth control and government paid abortions re-elected as President of the United States.

What they naively don't understand is that it will NEVER happen, just like so many promises given in the election that brought Obama to the Presidency.  They have been fooled once, but now their cause is being touted by one of their own and they believe it is worth their vote for the chance to have free birth control and abortions.  Their rude awakening will come too late.  When they graduate from their colleges and universities and can't find work they will realize that they gave up their future life for the right to have free birth control and abortions so they could enjoy their Sport.

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